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The EduDrone - WE CONNECT Pillars

Most Dynamic & Adaptive

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Mrs. Kajal Chattija

CEO & Founder

Visionary leader with a passion for transforming the education industry through innovative solutions.

Sanjay Chhatija.png

Mr. Sanjay Chhatija

Managing Director

Passion for innovation and education, Sanjay brings extensive experience in business strategy and management to the team.

Aakash Photo.png

Mr. Aakash


Chief Technology Officer

Expertise in designing and implementing innovative tech solutions for education industry.

Rajkumari Agarwal.jpg

Mrs. Rajkumari


Chief Smile Officer

Ensures that every event and service is executed seamlessly, leaving every participant with a smile

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Mr. Krishna Chhatija

Chief Relationship Officer

Passionate for association with educationist, thought leaders, principals & like minded personalities

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